Sweden uses database technology for land register entries

However, Japan is by no means the only country that would like to use the blockchain advantages in this way. The Ukraine is also working on organizing government tenders via a blockchain, while in the USA contracts from the public sector are to be processed one day via database technology.

Blockchain News: Sweden uses database technology for land register entries
In Sweden, research was carried out as early as 2016 to use blockchain functionality in such a way that it could be used by land registries; the final test phase was completed in May 2017. And only a short time later, the Lantmäteriet land registry began to record the the modern database owners Bitcoin Trader and properties in a block chain. Although the digitisation of the land registry offices is already very advanced, the responsible parties expect the modern database technology to further increase efficiency.

In concrete terms, the Swedish government wants to save around 100 million euros a year by using a block chain, which has so far been spent on administration – but also on cases of fraud. However, it is questionable whether this blockchain example will actually lead to the hoped-for savings. The introduction of a blockchain would be more necessary in countries where corruption is a widespread phenomenon and only incomplete land register entries are available. The countries most likely to be affected by this are South and Central American states. Blockchain solutions are being developed, for example, in the following areas

and Honduras.
However, Sweden could serve as a model for the countries concerned, which do not have the necessary know-how.